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Tearing up the rulebook and turning the humble Sunday classic into 2017’s hottest food trend, our YorkyPud™ Wrap went viral, catapulting the roast dinner hybrid into the internet’s favourite new dish.

The York Roast Co. have been featured on news sites, magazines, TV, viral videos and all over social media, as famous faces, tantalised tasters and everyone in between go crazy for that Yorky goodness.

“Yorkshire pudding wraps look AMAZING!” – UNILAD

September 2017

Famed for our worldwide marvel, the YorkyPud™ Wrap, we were first featured on BBC Radio York before LadBible and UNILAD picked up our pud…and things got a little crazy…

So good you can practically taste it through Instagram, once the internet had fallen head over roasties for the wrap, it took on telly too. Landing on the desk at ITV’s This Morning, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford tucked in on TV before going live to our York location. The wrap then made its way over to BBC’s The One Show where Alex Jones said ‘it’s like Christmas dinner in a wrap, it’s delicious!’

The Guardian jumped on the gravy-soaked bandwagon with their headline about our wraps drawing crowds, and becoming a social media sensation, whilst the BBC’s Facebook feed featured a video about 2017’s hottest new food trend that racked up a massive 25 million views – overtaking a Donald Trump video #notfakenews

“The Yorkshire Pudding is lovely. It’s like a very crispy pancake actually. The secret is the way Chaan flattens the Yorkshire Pudding.”
Eamon Holmes, ITV This Morning

October 2017

After all the coverage, social media star Arron Crascall found the photos of the YorkyPud™ Wrap too irresistible to miss out on, so he embarked on a 276-mile journey to get his mouth around some of that roast-stuffed goodness, filming his four-hour journey and racking up 2.3 million views, proving that no amount of mileage should get between you and a roast dinner wrapped up in a Yorkshire pudding.

“A roast dinner wrap? I need one! 276 miles… ? I can do this!”
Arron Crascall

November 2017

Soon, the festive season rolled around and The York Roast Co.’s Christmassy cousin dropped, becoming more popular than Santa riding in with a sleigh-load of presents on Christmas morning. LadBible and Shortlist covered our festive roast hybrid The Sun gave us the ‘top pick’ accolade in a taste-test video about Christmas’ best food specials.

Getting his first taste of Christmas, Nick Grimshaw tucked into the wrap on the Radio One Breakfast Show telling his 5 million listeners ‘…the wrap is a Yorkshire pudding and inside is a Christmas dinner! …it’s so delicious, so good!’ before posting to his 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Hairy Biker Dave Myers went on to describe it as ‘epic’ on a live appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, telling the audience to ‘forget about your turkey and trimmings, forget about all of that… and put it in a wrap!’

“It’s delicious! So good!”
Nick Grimshaw, BBC Radio 1


Tackling a one-off super-sized wrap, food blogger Kate Ovens polished off a YorkyPud™ Wrap big enough to feed a family of four! Weighing five pounds and filled with half a pint of gravy, Kate documented her eating challenge to her YouTube channel’s 38,000 followers and reached over 2.7m views on Facebook.

Winning the hearts, and stomachs, of the world over, you can find The York Roast Co. in five locations across Yorkshire, or hashtagged all over Instagram…

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